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Shoutouts to the Girls


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Shoutouts to the Girls
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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

here ya go ... even though we haven't completely BONDED yet... we still got sum fun stuff goin on!


the JUNIOR girls!
ASHLEY!~ always gotta joke to save the day
MARCI... still learnin how to pRUnuciate the sylABbles!
LIZ~ wow.... JUKEBOX MANIA... song for anythin n everythin
CARA... lil miss perfecto, lol what to say... what to say
LAUREN~ sweetest lil thing u ever did see
LINDSAY... we all wish we were in hawaii with u... MISS YA!

Meghan Cox- lol... "her eyelashes are cool" -annonymous
Heather Juarbe- son of batman... no kiddin
Amanda Molnar- we got ourselves a lifegaurd... neone need CPR?
Jill Thompson- justin timberlake's (or zack morris's) future wife
Ashley Wallace- our lil cutie cummuter from manassas
Erin Weiss- tan tan tan... and more tan
Beth Ann Williams- our lil gymnastics convert. lol

Lava Lamp, Bubbling


FrEsH MeAt!... lol...luv ya girls!
Amanda Arnold- congrats on cuts
Caroline Ashworth- such a cutie pututie!
Emma Blair- we wish you coulda takin us to jamaca with you
Rachel Dillenger- craaaaazy
Jessica Jenkins- stuck with the big girls at camp- muhaha
Kelly Koehler- quiet lil sweet pea
Ashley Sanders- wow... how much can a girl giggle
Alessandra Simmons- we hope your feelin better huni
April Welch- our lil chatterbox w/ a fast memory
Maria Lautieri- last but not least... luv ya girl